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24 Best Restaurants In San Cristobal De Las Casas

One of the best ways to get to know a city is by tasting it. When I spent nine months eating my way through San Cristobal De Las Casas, my taste buds were obsessed with the vast variety of cuisine and its robust gastronomy scene. 

It has everything from traditional Mexican food, to Indonesian, Thai, Peruvian, and Italian. Locals even claim that there are well over 200 restaurants in their highland city. I was simply struck by how many options were actually available. 

Being an avid foodie and lover of the culinary arts, I naturally munched my way through its offerings, trying all sorts of exciting dishes.

The affordability was the real catch. San Cristobal is one of the most budget-friendly destinations in all of Latin America. 

This city truly rebels against the old saying “you can’t have champagne taste on a beer budget”. In San Cris, the opposite is true – you can luxuriate on shoestring with high-end options fit for anyone’s wallet. 

In this article, we’ll narrow down some of the best, most mouthwatering selections of restaurants on offer in San Cristobal De Las Casas. From drool-inducing Mexican and all the yummy goodness in between, we’ll cover it all! 

Are you hungry yet? 

(Note: The following list is in no particular order. I’m random like that ;) )

1. Loving Hut 

Loving Hut is a vegan restaurant that is part of a larger, cult-like chain or franchise that has locations all around the world. Each restaurant is given the freedom to choose its own menu, as long as it abides by the set of standards laid out by Loving Hut headquarters in Taiwan. 

In San Cristobal, the menu is complete with delicious meat alternatives, offering up everything from vegan sushi, ramen, samosas, lasagne, and “chicken” wings” to gluten-free desserts and freshly brewed kombucha

Eerily enough, you can find its founder Ching Hai being broadcasted on a television screen in every one of its locations worldwide. Known as the “supreme master” by her cult of followers, she talks for hours on these broadcasts about veganism and “positivity”.

I had no idea these restaurants existed until visiting San Cristobal. I was instantly intrigued. If you can get past the creepy cult vibes, the food is amazing and cheap, and the service is wonderful! 

2. Just PHO You Vietnamese

Just PHO you is a nummy lil’ restaurant tucked away in the center of San Cris.  They serve up wholesome Vietnamese soups and snacks that leave you feeling full and satisfied. If you’re a vegetarian, they have options for you too! You can substitute any animal protein for tofu or try their in-house veggie “meat” 

Its just the place PHO you if you’re cravin’ Asian flavour. (Yes, I just said that, lol) 

Pro tip: Their seating is limited to just three tables so be sure to come early if you wanna get in before they close. I’ve shown up an hour in advance to end up leaving because wait times were unbearable.

3. Peruano Cevicheria

Finding Peruvian food in San Cristobal was such an EPIC surprise! Peruvian cuisine is regarded worldwide as one of the most delicious forms of culinary expression. Having visited Peru four times, my heart (and belly) had grown quite fond of comida Peruana.

Located n San Agustin Square, Peruano Cevicheria offers a high-end peek into Peruvian favourites. Lomo Saltado, pisco sours, and of course ceviche are some of the stars on its menu. 

You can kick back here and enjoy some gourmet Peruvian cuisine while absorbing the incredible vibe in San Agustin. The bougiest place for fine dining in allll of San Cris.

4. Bangcook 

Bangcook was another international pleasure I found during my adventure in San Cris. Also located in San Agustin, this Thai street-food restaurant is easily one of the most delicious treats I had during my stay.

Serving up the usual goodies- spring rolls, curries, seafood, and my personal favourite – pad thai. There’s truly something yummy on the menu for everyone! 

5. Petite Fondue 

Oozy delicious cheese. Savoury, warm bread. Fruity, rich wine. These are amongst the delights you’ll find at Petite Fondue. This ritzy french fondue restaurant was a real treat for the soul. 

Expect to pay higher prices here. Its menu of imported European cheeses and vintage wines demands a lil more… cheddar. In return, you get the reward of a world-class dining experience and top-notch service. (As is seen in all the restaurants in San Agustin) 

6. Cocoliche 

A popular and upcoming restaurant and music venue, Cocoliche is a vintage-style eatery with a cozy atmosphere and an impressive menu. Salads, rice bowls, sandwiches, and smoothies are among the things you’ll find. You’ll also enjoy slurping on some of its delicious fresh juices and teas

7. Sarajevo Garden Cafe

Sarajevo Garden Cafe is arguably the fanciest of the fance in all of San Cris. It has alllllll the things! 

Beautiful, elegant design. Exceptional customer service. Scrumptious and delightful cuisine.

You name it, Sarajevo gotcha covered.

It’s a great place to pump out some work, too! You can bring your laptop, grab a coffee, and watch the hours go by as you work on projects and enjoy the unparalleled ambiance 

Their breakfast, in my honest opinion, is the best in town. My all-time fave is their eggs-benny! You absolutely have to eat here if you’re in town. 

At night, the place truly comes alive. They feature live local musicians playing everything from classical music to rock. 

You can spend a night here chomping down on one of their yummy pizzas, sipping a local beer, and having great chats with other travellers. 


8. Te Quiero Verde 

Te Quiero Verde is the spot if you’re vegan. You’ll find healthy, vegan alternatives to your favourite Mexican and international snacks. They’ve got hearty pasta, gourmet salads, tacos, nachos, and a-heck-of-a-lot-more! 

Even if you’re not vegetarian, you’ll get down with the food here. They may be veggie but they definitely don’t skimp on flavour! 

I dare you to try their epic pesto pasta *drool*  (my ultimate menu fave

9. El Caldero 

El Caldero is famous for its soups! Translating to “the cauldron” that’s exactly what you signed up for when you order a soup here.

They’ve got traditional Mexico flavour out the wazoo and their menu is complete with tacos, chilaquiles, quesadillas (and all sorts of other Mexican munchies)

They even bring you complementary nachos and a sick selection of tangy salsas to munch on while you wait for your meal. 

El Caldero is one of my go-to’s and has some of the best prices in town. With quesadillas for as low as 20 pesos, you AND your wallet will pop out of here full n’  smilin. 

10. Pachamama

My beloved Pachamama, what would budget backpackers do without you? No seriously. Pachamama is one of those true gems that you find on your travels that just check all the boxes. They’ve got pasta, calzones, steak, burgers, sweets. They even sell two slices of pizza for just $30 frickin’ pesos.

TALK ABOUT A BARGAIN. (starrrrt the carrrrr

Seriously though, my budget butt ate here almost every day. They make it super easy and irresistible – offering those nummy slices to go, right off the main drag on Real De Guadalupe. 

Peak convenience for the weary broke n’ hungry traveller. 

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a raging fan. No really. So much so, one of the managers gave me my own Pachamama t-shirt so I could show everyone else how much of a fan I really am. 

If you make it to San Cris, I’ll cry if you don’t eat here. 

11. 500 Noches 

500 Noches is another bad n’ bougie eatery of the San Agustin plaza. A far cry from our budget buddy Pachamama, it offers you fine dining and luxury. That’s not to discredit our beloved Pachamama(I LOVE YOU PACHAMAMA!), but sometimes we want to luxuriate ourselves (and our bellies) 

Their breakfast menu was simply divine – I opted for the eggs benny and it was GOOD

I also enjoyed working here, a great place to prop open your laptop and get some projects rollin’

12. Patio Azul | Cardamomo 

Patio Azul and Cardamomo are two restaurants that live together. Yup, they’re roomies. Patio Azul (french food), and Cardamomo (Indian) are owned by a French Canadian and Indian couple who live in San Cris. 

Housed in a bea-uuuuuu-ti-ful courtyard adorned with all sorts of colourful plants and decor, you can order from either restaurant on the same menu. Cute concept

My love affair with Patio Azul was fueled by my love affair with a Mexican. Me and my ex ate here multiple times a week since he was their social media guy.

Their food is great. You’ll find butter chicken, french baguettes, fondue, and all sorts of other nummies. 

Totally recommend you have a love affair here, too. (I’d opt for the food over the Mexican if I’m completely frank)

Break your hunger, not your heart people! 

13. Casa Jasmine

My next romance just happened to be with Casa Jasmine. When my tastebuds first kissed their yummy food, it was love at first taste. I had never tried Indonesian food before, and boy was I in for a ride.

Owned by an Indonesian badass who actually worked as a chef with the frickin’ Indonesian ambassador to Mexico, their food is GODLY 

There’re  so many drool-worthy things on their menu and you’ve gotta try em’ all (I double dog dare you) 

Their rice bowls were honestly out of this world. Their corn fritters? DON’T GET ME STARTED ON THEIR CORN FRITTERS. We’re talking flavour town

I ate at Casa Jasmine multiple times a week. It was a great place to hang out, too! A social meeting ground, if you will. The staff really made the whole symphony come together. 

Everything I ate there, they’d come and chill and chat about the food.

Being a new restaurant, they’d often ask me what I thought of a new menu item. They’d give me free soup. Tell me sick stories. GIVE ME HUGS.

 Honestly if you eat anywhere on this list, please go to Casa Jasmine.

Tell them Brandon said Hi 💕

14. Frida’s Fries 

Do you like fries? I like fries. Frida likes fries. Frida must LOVE her fries because damn, this place slaps. 

Frida’s Fries is a legit hole-in-the-wall dutch joint that sells… you guessed it FRIES! 

Being Canadian, I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to deep-fried potato pieces. We pride ourselves on our greasy spuds and their toppings.

But DANG this place knows its stuff. They have all sorts of savoury sauces to add on top – garlic mayo, chipotle, bbq, cheese, and even CURRY ketchup. 

The fries come in a neat little cone with a teeny little fry fork (yes that exists). 

You can enjoy your fritas on the GO! 

Whenever I was craving some resemblance of comfort food, this is where I’d end up. And I’d always end up happy, that’s for sure. 

15. Pizzeria El Punto 

El Punto translates to “the point” and imma take this chance to point you right on over there. That is if you love Pizza. (who doesn’t love pizza?!) 

They’re definitely the most popular pizza place in San Cristobal. Their menu is super diverse and has everything you’d need to appease that insatiable pizza craving.

The coolest thing they’ve got is hands down their Al Pastor pizza. Al Pastor is a famous Mexican taco topping that consists of spit-grilled pork and pineapple. At El Punto, they go all out on this Mexican fave and throw that shit all over their Pizza. Yummm. 

Located right on Real De Guadalupe (and other places around town), it’s the perfect place to enjoy a pie. 

16. Casa La Ying

I’d be “La Ying” if I didn’t add Casa La Ying to the best of the best in San Cris. Another savoury start-up, it was recently opened by a lovely Chinese lady who surely knows her food. 

During my time in the city, it was all the rage. Her dumplings, I’m told, have been a working art since she started making them at just 9 years old. 

This level of devotion to her craft is reflected in their flavour. I’ve never had dumplings this friggin good. They come out hot, crispy, and ready to be dipped n’ devoured. Served with a garlic paste, authentic soy sauce, chilli de arbol, and rice vinegar – you’ll simply melt with joy. 

Try their soups. Try the hot pot. Try not to cry., It’s seriously that damn delciious. 

17. Aguacate 

Aguacate is the word for avocado in Mexican Spanish. The menu consists of, well, lots of avocados! 

Avocado bowls, avocado toast, avocado on avocado, avocado on everything! 

They’re well known for their veggie bowls and health concoctions and it’s the perfect place to fuel your body after a long day (or night) of San Cristobal-ing. 

While marketed as a vegan bar, they offer eggs and other animal proteins to suit many preferences.

18. MahO

Maho is a high-end Japanese restaurant in San Agustin plaza. You know, that fancy place I’ve been talking about all day. It certainly does not disappoint. You can get some tasty ramen, and a bottle of sake, and just enjoy your little butt off.

Me and my friend would come here when we needed a little TLC. The ultimate place to treat yourself. It has what you’d expect – ramen, maki rolls, seafood, all the Japonese faves.

19. Porter 

Porter reminds me of my favourite Canadian pubs. They have the best damn wings, juicy burgers, and local beer on tap. You can get a pint of corona for just 20 pesos. That’s basically free.

I hung out here all the time. They have a nice atmosphere and the staff is soooo nice.

20. La Frontera 

You won’t spend long in San Cristobal without hearing about La Frontera. It’s one of the most popular places for ex-pats to mingle. They have a coworking space inside and a bright, green courtyard to settle in and get some work done.

Their coffee and breakfast are wonderful and you’ll find it easy here to meet other travellers.

21. Amor Negro 

Amor Negro is the best dang coffee joint in town. Their local brew was my “get up and go”, even though was going anywhere. In fact, I’d spend hours working online at this quaint cafe.

Can you guess where it’s located?

That’s right. San Agustin. If you can’t tell, I love this place.

Their internet was of the best in San Cristobal. You’ll see a whole slew of folks working on their laptops here. Its tucked away on the upper level of San Agustin making it great for digital nomads who need some reprieve from the bustle of San Cris.

22. Nostalgia 

Nostalgia is the best place in town to try Oaxacan cuisine. Tlayudas, mole, mezcal – they’ve got the best of Oaxaca right here in Chiapas.

The cozy colonial architecture really creates an atmosphere and the service was excellent.

Pro tip: If you try a mezcal take small sips, don’t chug. Enjoy it the Oaxacan way – slowly and with intention

23. Mercadito Nomada 

Mercadito Nomada. OMG Mercadito Nomada. This place was absolutely divine. They have some of the tastiest Mexican food in San Cris and they offer it all for such a steal.

Their tacos come served with crispy shoestring fries, and their frappes are just out of this world. Most of their menu items are under 50 pesos making it one of the most affordable, delicious places in the city.

You can catch live music here daily and catch some epic views on their rooftop terrace.

24. Corazon de cacao 

Corazon De Cacao or “heart of cacao” is a pizza joint and chocolate cafe. They have a giant pink flamingo hanging from their ceiling and a room filled with plastic balls where you can sing karaoke with friends.

Their fun and energetic atmosphere really pulls in a crowd.

Try their authentic pizza crafted by their in-house Italian “pizzero” or enjoy local chocolate bars, drinks, and deserts.

Their chocolate is so rich and delicious and all made in-house with local cacao


The food scene in San Cristobal was absolutely RIDICULOUS. I mean that in the best possible way. I had such a great time enjoying cuisine from all corners of the world during my visit. It was really one of the highlights of my adventure.

You can really tap into world-class eating all on a budget.

Have you been to San Cristobal? Which restaurant was YOUR favourite? Did I miss a good one?
And if you haven’t been to San Cris, which restaurant are you most excited to try? Let me know in the comments!

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